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tempered doors
tempered doors
tempered doors

 Tempered Glass Commercial Doors


     Commercial doors are used in commercial buildings like schools, stores and office buildings. They are built more durably than residential doors, which allows them to withstand high levels of traffic and abuse. Commercial doors are also subject to more stringent building code requirements, including those aimed at safe egress, fire protection and accessibility for the disabled. 

      Our  highly-trained, licensed, insured and bonded Door Repair Technicians & Staff will repair, service, replace or advise with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. We love to help.
Call now, 855-WANT GLASS and you'll be delighted with Our Service !!


       NYC Glass & door will repair or replace all types of Doors. New York living takes it's toll on the dozens of hardware parts within your door assembly. Though we can handle any job from glass replacement to the installation of new door units. Quite often simply replacing hardware parts like rollers, tracks, closers or locks are enough to make you feel like you have new units. You'll enjoy our professional and practical advice. We have years & years of experience with all kinds of  door and glass jobs.
Ask us about  solutions for energy efficiency and Security.

1/2" Tempered Glass Doors furnished and installed in 24-48 hours.

Not sure what type of door you have? Click below to check out our Door Glossary with photos and description. 
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